2023 Roketfy Review — The best Etsy SEO Print on Demand Research Tool?

Increase sales, views, clicks, impressions, SEO… it has it all!

As you might have read in one of my earlier blog posts, I started an Etsy store in the beginning of this year.

I also wrote a few blog posts about it, about how to get started, how to find good selling products, how to do SEO etc… 

Let me give you a small recap

  1. Do research on what works (with the right tools — the one I used was Everbee.io)
  2. Choose a production partner (I went with Printful.com, because of the Amazon integration — and with AwkwardStyles.com, because of their awesome quality and great prices).
  3. Create your designs (there are tons of tools for that, however I use Canva.com and Kittl.com)
  4. Create mockups (I also use Canva.com, ORRR I have recently discovered what might be the best POD tool ever: MyDesigns.io — seriously, this tool has it all: Mockups, Bulk uploads, AI text generation, AI image generation… it’s insane. I’ll write a tutorial / review on it later but you can check it out here already).
  5. Uploading the product to Etsy (and improving your listings — this is where Roketfy.com comes into play).

I thought I did quite well when I created my listings… but after checking them through Roketfy, it seems like I could still do some improvements.

Let’s go discover the tool.

What is Roketfy?

According to their description, Roketfy is an innovative and data-driven platform that provides smart tools and services to help Etsy sellers boost their sales.


  • Listing checker & optimization
  • AI Product description) writer
  • Reviews analysis
  • Product research tool
  • Keyword research tool
  • You can try Roketfy for free for 14 days

The menu & interface

Seems smooth.

screenshot by author

Listing checker

To be honest, I have a few doubts about this one.

Let me explain: with the listing checker you can.. well, check your listings. Roketfy gives your listings a score and sees where you can improve them.

Check this out:

According to Roketfy, I can get a 37 PERCENT SALES INCREASE if I make the changes they suggest. 

Roketfy Listing Checker screenshot

That doesn’t seem good…

  • Title too long
  • None of my keywords are in the title (which I actually doubt… but okay)
  • I shouldn’t use repeating words — okay fair enough
  • It even analyses my price, based on my competitors — which seems to be good.

Alright. There’s a button “Take action” at the bottom of the screen, let’s click it.

Roketfy screenshot

This button brings us to an “improvement screen”.

Here, I can improve my title, based on AI.

Okay, let’s do this. I’ve added a few keywords and clicked on “Suggest Title”:

roketfy screenshot

The answer: It Suggested me 9 new Product Titles:

1. Microsoft Excel: Budget Spreadsheet to Track Income & Expense

2. Monitor Finances and Savings with Paycheck Tracker for Microsoft Excel

3. Microsoft Excel Template — Manage Your Budget with Expense Tracker

4. Easy Money Management Using Income and Savings Planner for Excel

5. Keep Track of Finances with Income & Expense Tracker for Excel

6. Guide You Towards Financial Goals — Monthly Budget Spreadsheet for Excel

7. Record Your Income & Expenses Easily — Money Tracker Excel Template

8. Reach Your Financial Goals Faster With Expense Template for Microsoft Excel

9. Get Complete Control Over Spending Habits With Microsoft Excel Income and Savings Planner


I like a few of them… Maybe I can combine them?

For example:

Microsoft Excel: Budget Spreadsheet to Track Income & Expense and Reach Your Financial Goals Faster With This Money Tracker Template

I like it, let’s update it in Etsy and see what happens.

Etsy listing screenshot

Next, it tells us to edit our product description. It tells me I “should use keywords”.

I’m not really sure why though, because I believe there are already keywords in my description.

Either way, let’s just do what it says and see. 

We can fix our description with the AI writer.

AI writer

I entered a few keywords for my product, and clicked on “Create content”.

AI Writer screenshot

After a few seconds, it generated a lovely description for me, based on these keywords:

screenshot from roketfy output

Looks alright, no?

Now, if you go to Roketfy, you can press “Product Sync” on the top right.

It will now update / refresh the data so it can see your changes. Let’s hope our score changed (improved)…. aha! Yes, it did improve!

We went from 63 to 65! 

roketfy screenshot

It’s still not happy with our title and product description though…

Whatever, let’s continue and see what else this tool has to offer.

Reviews analysis

Simply said, this tool allows you to analyse the reviews of your products or your competitors’ products and create new strategies to improve your products or create new ones.

roketfy screenshot

This feature requires a “pro plan” however.

Let’s quickly discuss pricing, now that we’re at it.


Pricing is actually quite okay in my opinion.

The basic plan is quite the same as the other tools like Everbee.ioeRank.com or EtsyHunt.com — All around $5 per month.

However the PREMIUM plan seems to be cheaper than for example EtsyHunt.

Roketfy Pricing

I would recommend to get started with a 14-day free trial, just to check it out, and then decide whether you’d like to continue using it or not.

 → In my opinion, everything can be done for free, without any research tools… they just make our lives easier. 

Also, I recommend checking out the other tools I mentioned above. Every tool has its own benefits and can bring value to your POD business. Besides… they all have free trials, so let’s use that ?

 → For example, EtsyHunt.com also has a Product Research tool, a Keyword research Tool, a Reviews tool, a ranking… etc.. just like Roketfy does. I use both tools.

Etsyhunt.com screenshot

Okay, let’s continue the review but keep this last part short.

Product research tool

We can use this to learn our competitors’ estimated daily sales, revenue, and more. 

We can do product research based on category or keywords, and add filters.

screenshot of roketfy

I searched for “Excel money tracker”.

Here are the results — I clicked one product:

Roketfy screenshot

If you’d like to have a detailed explanation about how their Product Research tool works, you can check out their YouTube video:


Keyword research tool

And last but not least, we have the keyword research tool.

I entered “budget tracker”.

It now gives me an overview about the competition for this keyword.

roketfy screenshot

It even shows a bunch of other keywords and their “strength”.

roketfy screenshot

And even more —  the top listings:

screenshot by author

This is why tools like these are so awesome.

You can see which listings are REALLY working. You can see their keywords, how much they sell, their profits… everything.

screenshot by author

Estimated daily sales:

That’s all — incredibly powerful tool.

Summary (and my honest opinion)

Whether you want to do research, publish new listings or improve your old listings, there are numerous ways to do so.

You can do it manually, by Googling, or checking Etsy listings directly…

Or you can — go the easy way— use existing POD research tools. 

Most of them offer free trials and free versions, which can already give you tons of value.

I highly recommend giving Roketfy a try, but also give the other Etsy research tools like eRankEtsyHuntAlura or Everbee a chance. Use their free trials to your advantage, and after that, decide what you want to do. 

PERSONALLY, I’m not paying (yet) for the Roketfy subscription, simply because the free versions are giving me enough value at this point. However, if I would ever choose ONE tool, I think I would go for EtsyHunt.

Did you know? I also write about different passive income streams like Print on DemandYouTube Automationinvesting tipshealthy habits and just keeping yourself motivated to keep going every day!

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