Print on Demand: Increase your Redbubble Passive Income Profits in 2023!

By default, Redbubble sets a 20% profit margin on all your products. However, this means that for some products, you’ll barely earn a just a few cents… come on.

For example, a greeting card. If you sell one, at 20% profit you get what… 30 cents? 40 cents? I don’t recall exactly but I know it’s not worth it.

While we’re talking about Greeting Cards; here I have set my profit margin to 160.99%:

Why? Because if you buy a greeting card in a store, it will cost you also a couple bucks, right? So, let’s be realistic and set realistic profit margins.

Pricing psychology

You’ll notice that all my prices end at .95 or .98 or .99 — Why?

One word: Psychology.

Even though everyone knows $4.99 is basically $5, yet people will be attracted more to the $4.99. Don’t ask yourself why, don’t question the science, just do it ?

Image created by me in Canva Pro

Do research and compare

When it came to pricing these products, I went to various webshops across the internet and compared the prices of the products there.

For example — what’s a poster priced on a poster webshop? This is an example of what I found:

In comparison, the SMALL sized posters from Redbubble are 41.8 x 58.5 in dimensions. The original price of the screenshot above is around 22 euros (without the discount) — so my Redbubble price should be around 20 euros as well. I priced my posters at €17.99 — a markup of 76.4%.

Perhaps I could go even higher, but this price is going quite well for me.

Important: If people really like your design, they’ll buy it, regardless of the higher price!

Look at the stickers I sold today with a profit margin of 121%:

Focus on your most important products

What are your designs optimized for? T-shirts? Posters? Stickers?

Make sure you do research on those! Mine are:

  • Clothing (T-shirts, Sweatshirts and Hoodies)
  • Stickers
  • Wall Art (Posters)

Focus on pricing your most important products first, do a bit more research. Finding the perfect price for your T-shirts has a higher priority than wasting time trying to find the perfect price for your pet bandana.

Focus on the LOWEST price

The lowest price is the one that the customer will see.

So, make sure that one looks alright.

Screenshot from Redbubble

My pricing settings

Below you can find the most important profit margins I’ve configured. As you might notice, my store currency is Euro, so the margins will vary if your store is in dollars.


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