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If you’re a bit like me — or working towards it, you might love to travel as well.

I often have 1 big problem though: getting online.

For example, the past year I travelled to Switzerland, Thailand, Montenegro and Vietnam. My current mobile data plan has no coverage in these countries, and if I’d use roaming… well… I don’t want to think about that bill 🙂

Seriously, it could cost you up to a few hundred dollars if you don’t pay attention.


I went to Thailand for a few weeks, to travel and work from there. I purchased a SIM card with a data plan at the airport.

This SIM card cost me 40USD.

I know, there are cheaper options — but I wanted to have unlimited data, calling and full coverage. So I paid for it.

But what if I told you there’s another solution? Recently, I discovered Airalo!

Let’s discuss the pro’s, con’s, benefits etc.

What is Airalo?

Airalo is an app/ website that allows you to buy digital e-sim cards and simply install them on your phone.

You could summarize it as follows:

  • Live digital nomad lifestyle and the freedom to work and travel anywhere in the world.
  • The challenges faced by digital nomads, including expensive roaming costs and unreliable mobile data access.
  • Introducing Airalo as the ultimate solution for seamless connectivity and cost savings while living and working abroad.

How does Airalo work?

Quite simple:

screenshot from Airalo page

So if I now want to buy an eSIM card for Thailand

Screenshot from Airalo website

15 days unlimited data is enough for me. I’ll get that one.

After puchasting this, you can “activate” the e-SIM card. Just follow the steps that the app tells you to do, and DONE! Simple as that!

Don’t forget to turn off your other SIM card data plan though. You don’t want to accidentally be using this data.

Purchase an eSIM card anytime

This, for me, is one of the greatest benefits of this app. I don’t need to go search for a SIM card in a foreign country.

I mean, how even could I? I can’t use Google Maps (unless I downloaded the map up front, but even then… Can’t Google anything with internet, right?).

“Just use public Wi-Fi!”, I hear you think.


I’m a cyber security guy in my daily life — and the first thing they taught us was: NEVER trust public networks!

At first I was like “oh come on… what a BS..”

Until they made us set up our own — let’s call it “Wi-Fi hacking system”… and seriously:

I can capture not only passwords but literally any type of information transmitted over the network: usernames, email addresses, personal information, etc.

So public Wi-Fi networks? No thank you.

Identity Theft

While we’re on the subject of security, I’d quickly like to dive into this a little bit.

Whether you’re an individual or a business, protecting yourself online is crucial:

  • Imagine someone gaining access to your bank accounts, leading to drained savings, ruined credit scores, and endless legal battles to reclaim your identity.
  • Your personal information could be sold on the dark web, leading to constant harassment from scammers and fraudsters.
  • Additionally, compromised social media accounts might damage your reputation, impacting your job prospects or relationships.

And you wouldn’t want your “fairy tale travel destination” to turn into a nightmare, would you?

Alright, I hope you’ve learned your lesson. Let’s talk a bit more about Airalo.

Global coverage

Airalo has an extensive global coverage, enabling connectivity in over 200 countries and regions worldwide.

Just check if your target country is available:

Screenshot of Global eSIMs for Travelers | Data, Calls, Texts | Airalo

I have been travelling around the world for several years now, and so far Airalo has been the easiest, most useful, and most cost-effective option for traveling abroad that I have found.

I don’t have to put time into finding good local SIM cards and then changing numbers that I then have to communicate to family and friends that might need to reach me while I’m abroad. That was quite annoying.


Overall I find Airalo quite cheap and you can be certain of the quality.

I was travelling in Vietnam recently, and even in the mountains of the most northern parts of the country, I had coverage while other people I was travelling with — had not.

Plan ahead

You can simply purchase your e-sim before travelling to the country. As soon as you arrive, just activate it and “done”! Simple as that.

Make life easier for yourself!


  • Cost savings
  • Global coverage
  • Instant connectivity.

Give Airalo a try:

Check out the website or download the app to discover more about the features, plans, and benefits of using Airalo as their go-to mobile data solution.

Thanks for reading!

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