Idea: Start a Profitable Online Marketing Business in 2024

Could we Get to 10k per Month with These 20 Steps?

I’ve been following many “online income guru’s” for a very long time. And some of the claim to have “cracked to code” to online income.

In this article I attempted to summarize what some of them say.

What is your opinion on this?

1. Learn a high income skill

Best skills to learn are:

  • Marketing (Facebook ads, TikTok ads, Google ads)
  • Building web shops via Shopify (FYI Shopify is actually really good, I use it a lot)

You can learn these skills by using Google, YouTube, ChatGPT, Mentorship, Udemy, online courses… More than enough ways to learn something these days.

2. Define your target audience

Look around in your environment. Which local businesses are around you?

Examples: Plumbers, bakers, butchers, shoe stores, roofing, real estate, construction, renovation, car dealers…

Choose a niche, choose a local business — And don’t be afraid to narrow it down.

3. Figure out their pain points, interests and desires

Simply use ChatGPT to do this.

Ask the right questions:

  • What are the top issues car dealers struggle with when it comes to getting new clients?
  • What could cause plumbers to get bad revenue?

4. Turn your newly learned skill into a paid service

Once you’ve found a niche and what their pain points are — it’s time to turn your skills into a service.

Look at the pain points from step 3, and see how you can solve them.

This is the basic step of good business: find a demand and fill it.

If you’ll be able to solve these company’s problems, they’ll be more than happy to pay you for that solution!

Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash

5. Create a strong offer with a guarantee, clear outcome and an incentive

Your offer really has to be strong. You can know for certain that these business have had other sleazy salesmen come to them with an offer that could supposedly solve their issues.

But people these days don’t trust salesmen anymore.

You need to HELP them. You need to give advice, and they need to BELIEVE it.

So, your offer needs to have the following things:

  • no-brainer guarantee
  • crystal clear outcome
  • strong incentive

For example: “I Guarantee 25 leads per month or I’ll run your ads for free”. Or “I Guarantee 25 leads per month or you won’t have to pay the first month”.

6. Create a website, social media & LinkedIn profiles

What do people these days before they buy something? That’s right.

They Google.

Plumbing, roofing, dentist, physiotherapist, doctor, massage therapist, wellness coach, gym, interior design, flooring, realtors, kitchen remodelling, ecommerce, hvac, saas companies, ecommerce, life insurance agents, moving companies, accountants, autobody shops…

So make sure you’re ready for this:

  • Build a basic website, there are many website builders out there and in just a few hours you can have a nice professional looking website.
  • Create a professional LinkedIn profile. Add professional images (photoshoot?), stories, posts, messages… It might take a while, but just keep posting.
  • Optionally you can create a Facebook and perhaps also an Instagram profile (depends on your target audience — figure out what they use the most).

People (and especially on LinkedIn) will check your profile, experience and authenticity. So make sure your profile looks professional.

7. Start connecting with people in your niche

How you do this also depends on the type of niche.

With some people you can connect on LinkedIn, others perhaps via Facebook, and for some you might have to go straight to their door!

Photo by Surface on Unsplash

8. Post content around how you can help them fix their problems

On your website and social media profiles or even Quora/Facebook Groups, start posting content.

You can use Canva to create nice looking graphical images or even videos. You’re kind of advertising here. Your goal is to make people react to your content.

9. Reach out to people who engage with your content

The goal is to book calls with them to see if you can help them.

A bit further down in this article I talk shortly about a platform that these “Guru’s” promote. Maybe you can use this to book calls etc.

10. Use to build a list of prospects (decision makers)

Yay, yet another tool. I didn’t know this one so I checked their website

This is the type of websites that I hate. Their software captures our contact details so that salesmen can target us, send mails and call us.

As an IT guy, I often receive calls from IT recruiters “Hey this is X from xyz and I’m calling to check if you’re interested in a new position.”

I’m always pissed off and wondering how they get my number, I guess I now I have an answer.

But yeah, sure 🙂 I’m sure it’s a useful tool if you’re on the other side.

12. Use GoHighLevel to promote / automate email and/or LinkedIn messages

A software that they usually promote is GoHighLevel. Now, I haven’t personally used this software so I can’t tell much about it.

But if I look at their website, it seems to be software that’s created with the purpose of generating leads and sales.

It has marketing campaigns, the option for scheduling calls, making appointments, create landing pages, create lead magnets, and a lot more.

At first glance, this looks quite good to me. I know indeed multiple softwares that cost a lot of money as an individual product… and if HighLevel has it all, then it could be worth checking out.

Screenshot from

They seem to have a free trial so I’ll give it a try. Looks quite legit to me.

13. Post content and send 30 outreach messages a day

Not much to add here. Basically it’s just a numbers game.

Call, mail, connect, repeat.

14. A/B test different messages and double down on the ones that convert the most

Makes sense. Just like with Facebook ads, you need to cut what doesn’t work, and focus on what works.

To illustrate this a bit with the link to Facebook Ads:

If you’re getting started with Facebook ads, you need to create:

  • 10 different ads — called Creatives (different videos, images, texts…)
  • 10 different ad sets (the audience you’re targeting)

Next, you should test what works for 1–2 days. Cut out the worst performing ads (creatives), and continue with the 2 best ones.

15. Repeat until you land your first client

Charge a decent price, like for example $2k/month.

This might seem a lot, but imagine a roofing company.

If they sell a project of $100k-$200k, and it was made possible thanks to leads generated by you, do you think they would mind paying you $2k?

Photo by Joshua Sukoff on Unsplash

16. Put all your time and effort into delivering GREAT results to your first client

This is key. Make your customer the happiest customer on earth by providing the best possible service and results for them.

17. Make a strong case study about it and leverage it to close more clients

Many times, if you’re doing niche work, companies know each other a bit.

You can go to a new company and provide them with (example) numbers from your first client company. Show them the amazingly insane results they can achieve if they go with you.

18. Start creating systems and detailed SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)

The first client will most likely be custom work, but once you’ve got that one, and your second one, you will see “a yellow thread”.

Based on this, create guidelines.

19. Once you sign 3–5 clients, start outsourcing client delivery to contractors

Once you have a proven track record for your business, you can start raising your prices AND outsourcing work.

If you want to scale your business, you have to remove yourself from the day-to-day work.

  • Automate repetitive tasks that don’t need human input.
  • Delegate low-level tasks that need human input.
  • Outsource client work.

You can qualified freelancers on Upwork, social media, Fiverr (I mostly use fiverr for outsourcing) or your personal network. Show them you can get them clients consistently.

Pay them 20–30% of what the client pays you.

Photo by on Unsplash

20. Example revenue

Let’s say you start charging 3k/month per client:

  • With 3 clients you’d be making $9k/month
  • With 5 clients you’d be making $15k/month
  • With 10 clients you’d be making $30k/month

The “Guru’s” say you should be able to start outsourcing your work when you cross the $15k/month mark.

Another example: If your clients pay you $3000/month to run their Facebook ads:

  • You pay $750 to your freelancers.
  • They create and manage the ad campaigns.
  • You take care of getting clients and communicating with them.
  • With only 4 clients, you’d be making $9k per month.

Rinse and repeat from there. This will allow you to scale your digital agency without having to put in more hours — leaving you with plenty of time to travel, try new hobbies or explore new ventures.

What do YOU think?

To be honest, I know some marketing companies that are doing this. The easy part is getting educated and learning the necessary skills.

It’s the sales part that is the hardest. In my opinion — if you’re not proficient in sales, it’s very unlikely you’re going to score big clients easily.

I’m not saying it’s impossible, but it’s not as easy as they make it seem.

To my readers: What do you think about this strategy?

Thanks for reading!

If you’ve got questions or thoughts, drop them in the comments and I’ll get back to you! Follow or ???? if you’d like to see more content like this. Or buy me a coffee, this stuff is magical 😉

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