10 Popular Print on Demand Products to Sell in 2024

As a Print on Demand seller, it’s important to always keep analysing and improving.

2023 has been a “pretty good” year for me (I earned more than 14k with Print on Demand).

However, in 2024 I want to make it even bigger, and I believe I can — for following reasons:

  1. People want more and more personalized products
  2. Online shopping will remain popular
  3. I’ve become more skilled at analysing and monetizing trends

Google Trends

A lovely tool that I like to use for this 3rd point is Google Trends.

I evaluated 10 different print on demand products — that have been HOT for the past 5 years.

I was curious about how they have been performing over time and let me tell you:

You should be stocking your shop with these products RIGHT NOW, in preparation for 2024!

I’ll also show you the best ways to position those those products in your shop to increase the likelihood of a sale.

Best Print on Demand partners

Before diving into the products themselves, I quickly want to highlight my preferred POD partners that I use.

  1. Printify.com
  2. Printful.com
  3. AwkwardStyles.com

P.S. SHOULD you still want to sell stuff this week (before Christmas), then you’ll definitely need some Express Delivery program — however these are mostly only available if you become a “Premium” member of these partners.

If you’re just getting started, then of course I would recommend using the free version, however once you’re getting sales then you should definitely consider upgrading, because you’ll get:

  • discounted prices
  • better assistance
  • more product branding options
  • better order management
  • etc…
Example screenshot of Printify premium

Let’s dive into the products.

1. Sweatshirts

Every year in October, November and December, you can see a HUGE increase in sweatshirt sales:

Google Trends screenshot

As you can see, this trend has been going up for the last 5 years.

Via Printify, I would recommend selling the Gildan 18000 sweatshirt — and here you can also see the difference in price if you would have Printify Premium (15.54 vs 11.97!!!) :

Screenshot from Printify.com

Don’t forget you ALWAYS need mockups for your products!

As I’ve said in other tutorials: you can have the best product you want, but if you don’t make it attractive and obvious to the buyer (in the form of an amazing-looking mockup), then it’s useless.

Placeit.net has mockups for every type of sweatshirt.

screenshot of www.placeit.net

P.S. Sweatshirts also sell really good for women.

2. Hoodies

Demand for hoodies is about the same as it is for sweatshirts. Same Google Trends graph so I’m not going to show it.

For hoodies, the Gildan 18500 is an amazing quality product. Also notice the difference in production price depending on whether you have Premium or not.

Screenshot from Printify.com

Same for mockups, you ALWAYS need an amazing-looking mockup if you want to sell products.

Yes, I know — Printify can provide you with a default mockup.. but just trust me on this (or even if you don’t trust me, just use the everbee.io research tool and see for yourself).

screenshot of www.placeit.net

What about Zip Hoodies?

Generally, no. You can offer them, but mostly it’s just normal hoodies that sell the best.

3. T-Shirts

Here are the Google Trends for T-Shirts:

Google Trends screenshot

As you can see, the interests for t-shirts have been going up for the past few years.

Selling T-Shirts is ALWAYS good. But which T-Shirt brands?

Personally, I recommend selling the Bella Canvas 3001.

Screenshot from Printify.com

You could also sell the Gildan 5000, but quality is a bit less. Better then would be Gildan 64000.

T-Shirt Mockups

There are millions of T-shirt mockups out there.

Take advantage of this: Get very specific.

Depending on your design, you can search for your mockup in the same style. For example: search for “christmas tshirt mockup”:

screenshot of www.placeit.net

Remember, a mockup is to make your buyers EXCITED to click on the product (and purchase it).

So you should spend just as much time on creating an amazing mockup, as you do on creating the initial design!

4. Mugs

Mugs have been selling well for years. Everyone loves mugs, and especially if they’re personalized with a nice quote or an image.

→ Just put your t-shirt designs and place them on coffee mugs (and basically all the other products).

Screenshot from Printify.com

Don’t forget cool mug mockups:

screenshot of www.placeit.net

This brings us to the next product.

5. Wall decoration (posters, canvas…)

According to Google Trends for some reason, these type of products always sell best in August and September.

Google Trends screenshot

Every POD provider offers multiple wall decoration products.

Screenshot from Printify.com
screenshot of www.placeit.net

After these 5 products, here are 5 “less known” products but with definitely a huge market potential!

  1. Journals
  2. Mats & Rugs
  3. Blankets
  4. Dog bowls
  5. Ornaments

I know these products might seem weird, but hear me out:

Journals have always been selling well, and you can just put your poster design on a journal with little to no effort.

Same goes for door mats & rugs. Printify offers doormats, yoga mats, area rugs, outdoor rugs, round rugs…

Screenshot from Printify.com (rugs & mats section)

Blankets sell particularly well during November / December (winter), so hop on that trend!

Google Trends screenshot from Blankets

Dog bowls: people love treating their pets.

Screenshot from Printify.com (dog bowl)

Ornaments are especially nice to sell during the Christmas period. Would be funny to hang a decoration of your dog in your Christmas tree, no? 🙂

Screenshot from Printify.com

Key Takeaways

  • Data research shows that different products are popular in different times of the year.
  • Make sure to hop on these trends in time
  • Always create a good looking mockup — this is what makes your poduct stand out. Not standing out? → No clicks → No sales. It’s that simple.
  • Upgrade to the premium version of your POD provider once you’re getting sales, to get better discounts and services.

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