I Uploaded 900 Designs to Redbubble and this is How Much I’ve Earned!

Redbubble Revenue Report after 4 Years

Let’s go back in time: The year is 2020.

After I had been uploading & selling designs via Displate.com for nearly 2 years, I suddenly discovered Redbubble in April 2020.

AMAZING! I was so excited! What a cool platform!

Basically, you could just upload ONE DESIGN to the platform, and they would place it on hundreds of products. Insane!

For example, I created a small panda design. After uploading it, it got displayed on multiple products:

Redbubble screenshot

And this list scrolls down quite far.

Cool right?

Back in those days…

Back in those days, everything was good.

With every design I uploaded, my “online real estate” expanded, and I was slowly earning more and more money.

At my peak, I had a few months of around $100 per month.

So, I continued uploading more and more. I mean, $100 per month is a nice amount, no?

Redbubble earnings screenshot


Unfortunately, Redbubble recently has started charging fees. I’ve written some articles about it, see:

In summary, my Redbubble earnings have dropped significantly since then. That’s why I’ve been looking for alternatives, such as Etsy.

So, I haven’t been uploading much on Redbubble in the past few months, until this weekend.

I decided to upload a few new designs that I created while I was writing a MyDesigns.io Tutorial. AMAZING software by the way! Definitely worth checking out.

I Published 52 listings to Etsy in 10 Mins with this AMAZING Tool! – michielschuer.com

Source: MyDesigns Homepage

Anyway, when I uploaded my designs, I noticed that I had uploaded 900 designs in total — and this made me a bit curious.

900 Designs uploaded!

How much have I actually earned with Redbubble over the past few years?


So, today I was curious about how much money I actually earned with Redbubble so far.

Unfortunately, Redbubble doesn’t have “TOTAL money earned” statistic, so I had to put my monthly earnings in Excel and sum it all up.

…. drum roll please….

The result:

Redbubble earnings

So, over the course of 3 years and 8 months (at the time of writing this article), I earned $2761!

This comes down to an average of $62.75 Redbubble earnings per month.

Good? Bad?

Well… Of course it’s not a sum of money that you can live from, but keep the following things in mind:

  1. This is only ONE platform. There are countless of other POD platforms / marketplaces that you can sell on.
  2. All the sales from these platforms count up, which DOES give me a pretty nice sum at the end of every month
  3. Any amount of money is.. well… extra money. I can buy myself a nice good bottle of whisky or a treat myself to a nice meal… or even better: Invest it in index funds, crypto or commodities!
  4. And most importantly: this money is PASSIVE. For the past months I haven’t uploaded anything on Redbubble, and yet I still earn +/- $50 a month from it. Which I believe is very nice.

Take these 4 things into account, and I believe it’s still worth it.

What comes next?

Very good question.

Of course, designing and uploading costs me a lot of time — time that I could maybe better spend on other things.

To be honest, I’m not sure yet.

The past few weeks, I’ve been focussing on building my own website, and I’ll continue to do so.

Apart from that, I’m thinking about offering some coaching programs, with the focus on life coaching.

Why life coaching? Well because it all comes down to mindset in my opinion. Whether you want to earn more money online, lose weight or get a promotion at work — if you don’t have the energy and motivation to work towards these goals, then what’s the point?

Thanks for reading!

If you’ve got questions or thoughts, drop them in the comments and I’ll get back to you! Follow or ???? if you’d like to see more content like this. Or buy me a coffee, this stuff is magical 😉

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