I Created a Millionaire’s Routine Daily Planner Workbook!

Millionaire's Routine Daily Planner (Cover)

Self-Help Workbook that Teaches you Millionaire’s Habits

For the past weeks, I’d been working on something, and now it’s finally finished!

I am so proud to have finally finished this. 

Let me tell you a bit more.

A little history

For many years, I’ve been mainly focussed on 2 things:

  1. My health
  2. My income

I discovered that one impacts the other:

If you are healthy, you can work harder and achieve more

  • You have more energy to work on side hustles
  • You have more concentration due to healthy food & active lifestyle
  • You have less physical issues, hence less worries, and more time for working
  • You can enjoy your well-earned money better (what good is it to be rich if you’re not healthy enough to enjoy it?)

If you earn good money, you can invest in your health

  • You can buy good, healthy food (which annoyingly enough costs more than McDonalds)
  • You can buy a decent bed, accessories that help you sleep better
  • You can buy workout equipment, nice gym clothes
  • You can afford a good gym, sauna, wellness
  • You can buy a standing, an ergonomic chair, a good car
  • ….

And unfortunately, many people fail to understand this. 

They want to get rich, but they don’t want to — or can’t — put in the time. That’s not how it works. 

The idea behind the workbook

I’ve written many blog posts about the importance and connection between these 2, and then I thought… 

How cool would it be to combine them into 1 single workbook?

That’s how my idea was born.

What’s in the workbook?

The journal consists of several sections and challenges. 

Workbook example page

1. Vision board

For each area, fill in your goals, dreams, and aspirations. Break down
these goals into smaller steps in the following pages. Track your progress, evaluate, adjust and improve.

Vision Board screenshot

2. Did you know? 

This section provides you with a daily interesting fact related to personal development, including finance and health tips.

“Did you know?” screenshot

3. Today’s challenge

Every page has a challenge that has a positive impact on your
life. Try to complete it that day — or the next. Often the challenge is linked to the “Did you know?” fact.

“Today’s challenge” screenshot

4. Morning routine

A routine — another word for “habit”, is something that you should do every day. In the beginning, a few suggestions are made, but eventually you should create your own morning routine.

5. Self-care

Involves prioritizing physical and mental health through activities such as
exercise, healthy eating, meditation, and adequate rest. It also includes scheduling downtime to relax, recharge, or any tasks to reduce stress.

6. Daily water intake

As part of your self-care routines, you should keep track of how much water you drink every day. Every drop is around 1 glass, depending on the size of your glass of course. Your goal should be to color at least half of the drops.

7. How was your day? 

Try to fill in this section based on the “Reflections” questions that are asked. Reflecting is important for success because it allows you to identify
areas for improvement and make necessary adjustments to your habits and

8. Evening routine

The most important task of all: Prepare for the next day, turn to the next page and write down your “to do list” for tomorrow. Review and reflect on
the day’s accomplishments, turn off your phone, read, spend quality time with loved ones, practice relaxation techniques such as meditation or stretching, and get enough restful sleep.

Evening routine example screenshot

The goal of the book

There are always 7 pages where you can track your to-do’s, your routines, notes and more.

a Notes page of my Millionaire’s Routine Workbook

After that, there’s a page where you can put notes (with a unique motivational quote on every Notes page)! 

And THEN it’s time to self-evaluate again. 

  • How was your week?
  • What did you do to work towards your long term goals?
  • Are you on track? 
  • What can you do better?
  • … etc.

By doing this, in combination with the daily challenges, you can make sure you are getting better every day!

If we improve just 1% every day, imagine the impact it will have after a year!

For those who are interested…

I’ve just published the book on Amazon, you can get it there! 

The Millionaire’s Routine on Amazon.com

Should you get it, thank you for your support! 

I hope it will bring you as much motivation & knowledge as it did me, while I was creating it! 

All the best,


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