10 Reasons why I became a Fan of Herbalife while I used to Hate it

We all know these annoying Herbalife salesmen. A couple of years ago I got contacted every once in a while by them:

“You’ve got to try our shakes!”
“Our results are amazing!”
“You’ll lose all that weight in no time!”
“You’ll feel way more energetic!”
“You’ll fit in those old pants again!”
“Try our new vitamin booster!”

I always waved them off. I didn’t need those overpriced chemical products. Until… a good friend of mine who I believe & trust came up to me and said: “I have something, you’ll probably not like it but promise to hear me out”.

So, I decided to listen, and let me tell you: it honestly changed my life. And NO, I’m not trying to sell you Herbalife, I’m just sharing my personal experience with it — you still eat what you want 🙂

1. It’s healthier than my usual Nutella or Cornflakes breakfast

I grew up eating sandwiches with Nutella, cornflakes or any foods that contained way too much sugar. Just compare the amount of sugar and you’ll quickly see which one is healthier.

2. It actually saved me money

A shake costs around 35–40 euros and lasted a about month (only for breakfast). 35 euros for breakfast per month? Sign me up please!

3. It taught me to be creative with breakfast:

  • Making different types of shakes, by mixing them with fruits
  • Making shake oatmeal/yoghurt combinations
  • Making breakfast pancakes
  • Just google recipes, let your imagination go wild!

P.S. Oatmeal mixed with vanilla shake, oat milk, heated in the oven, then adding fruits like blueberries, banana and a bit of honey is heavenly. Oh and you can also add dark chocolate on top of the warm oatmeal — it will melt and make it even better… mmmm

Photo by Alex Motoc on Unsplash

4. It taught me a better eating schedule

Scientifically it’s best for your body to eat only 3 times per day.

Why? A very simplified explanation:

When you eat, your digestion system starts working and requiring energy. The human digestion system isn’t made to be working 24/7, you should give it some rest once in a while. Also, that energy could just as well be spent elsewhere, like your immune system or just physical movement.

So basically, keep your meals down to the following 3:

  • Breakfast (which is the shake or something else you prefer)
  • Lunch
  • Dinner

5. It taught me how to proportion my food correctly

The perfect plate should contain:

  • 50% vegetables
  • 25% protein (meat, fish, or meat replacement)
  • 25% carbs (potato, rice, pasta or bread — no fried stuff!)
The perfect plate — Healthy Food GuideThe perfect plate — Healthy Food Guide

6. It made me more cautious about what I eat

If I already started the day with something that contains more vitamins and necessary nutrients than my usual breakfast, then why not continue this trend throughout the day?

Getting (healthy) breakfast really made it a lot easier to do so.

7. It helped me learn more about good and bad foods

Once you become more cautious about what you are putting into your body, you research more. You look up things and you learn.

Expanding your knowledge is always a good feeling.

8. The quality of the products is actually quite good

I used to think these Herbalife shakes were just a chemical powder mix, but actually they have hundreds of scientists in their team, and a lot of research has been done for development and quality control.

Herbalife is active in 96 countries, gets subjected to many quality controls AND their products are listed on the Cologne List®, which is one of the world’s leading laboratories in the field of analytical testing for banned substances in nutritional supplements.

This basically means that the world’s top athletes can use them without having to worry that they contain forbidden substances. Did you know even Cristiano Ronaldo uses them?

Cristiano Ronaldo & Herbalife

9. It helped me indeed lose weight

Because of all the above reasons (no more unhealthy breakfast, fixed meal schedule and more nutritional knowledge), I actually lost weight! *poof, shocker*!

10. It’s not just about losing weight

Another advantage about changing your meal habits like this, is that you’ll also have more energy. Why? Basically, because you’re eating less sugar.

Sugar gives you energy for a short while, but makes you feel tired after your body has burned it.


In general, I knew barely anything about (healthy) food or eating healthy before Herbalife. Thanks to this, I got started in my health journey, and now — many years later — I am healthier than ever before, all thanks to the start I had with them.

I have to admit, I don’t use Herbalife shakes every day anymore, only once or twice a week. On the other days, I make myself other healthy meals, but it’s all thanks to what I’ve learned via Herbalife and my Herbalife coaches.

So whether you would want to start using the products or not, it’s an amazing opportunity to expand your knowledge, getting to know yourself and your body in ways that you never knew before, and becoming simply a better version of yourself.

Isn’t that our goal? To better than we were yesterday?

Thank you for reading, if you enjoyed this and are curious about more articles like this — then you’re always welcome to subscribe/follow.



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